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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tips to protect your financial information

If you are using your computer to keep track of your financial records, here are some tips to keep your computer protected.

1. Make sure to have an up to date Virus and Firewall program. You can get a program like McAfee to do both and keep you safe.

Keep Hackers from Accessing Your PC with McAfee Personal Firewall Plus.

Another good choice for Firewall protection is Zone Alarm Firewall and Anti Virus.

ZoneAlarm AntiSpyware2006

2. The next step is to protect your passwords. If you are doing online banking or using passwords you can use software to protect your passwords in a safe place on the computer. You can try Detto My Password Vault to handle the most secure protection for passwords.

Detto My Password Vault

3. If you are sharing the computer with others make sure to protect your data. There are many people who have visitors accessing their computer and leave all their personal information right in the open. If you do any financial work on your computer you might want to set up a second computer for guests. Your buddy or second cousin removed does not need to know your business.


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