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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did not get Iphone Samsung Instinct instead

This post is a little late. I did not get the iphone, but Bell Canada had a better deal for the Samsung Instinct. The data with Bell is unlimited on the mobile browser for $10.00 plus the cost of minutes and other fee's. The Instinct is not anywhere near what the iphone is. As a smart phone it is a great phone. With a built in browser full html pages can be accessed anywhere, but the browser is not as good as safari on the iphone. The phone has great reception and many cool applications built in. There is a charge for some service like GPS and music subscription service. The lack of third party applications is a bit of a downer. Overall I do like this phone and if you are in Canada it is a great alternative to the monopoly that Rogers has for the iphone.

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