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Saving money for a house. It's tough, but I will find a way to save $20,000 to $30,000 for a down payment. Follow my blog and see how I am doing. I set the goal and now I must take action.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Iphone Update

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted the new iphone 3G that Rogers and Fido will be selling in Canada. The only problem is the price plan. Once again Rogers Wireless in Canada has screwed consumers. With one of the highest data rate plans in the world for the iphone plus a 3 year contract. There are even web sites asking for signatures to send Rogers in protest. After looking at the plans for the iphone I will have to pass for now. The main benefit of the iphone for me was the web browser, as I blog and have a few online businesses it would allow me to be mobile. I am looking at other smart phones and plans from the other wireless companies in Canada. I guess RIM and the Blackberry do not have any challange in Canada. My friend went on a plan for the Blackberry from Bell Canada and he is getting a promo unlimited plan. The people at Rogers will never give Canadians a break well it looks like Canadians might not give Rogers their dollars for the iphone until a better price plan is introduced.